What’s in a name?

Business names don’t just identify your company; they give your ideal customer a foundation on which they can build their perceptions of your company. Names have the power to indicate what your organization values above anything else and what you stand for. At Bayard Builders, we believe that our integrity and the relationship with our clients is of the highest importance.

Bayard Lamar Shirah, our Grandfather, was a builder of things. He was a jack of all trades and a master of them too. Besides being an accomplished farmer, builder, publisher, and businessman, Bayard was active in church and civic leadership roles. As a man of initiative and talent, he built every home he ever lived in and our family’s homes. He built an extended family of 35 members. He built the church, the county store, and the ensuing community that surrounded it.

But most importantly, he built a name that means everything to us. Our usage of the name Bayard is a testament to how vital your utmost satisfaction is to us. Bayard Builders is our way to carry forward our grandfather’s legacy, and your trust in our name will not be disappointed. Bayard Builders has built homes, completed renovations, and we can make your dream home a reality.

We look forward to serving you.

jamey Shirah

Jamey Shirah- Sales & Marketing

Jamey has spent the last 10 years building sales organizations from the ground up and his sole focus is to create the most simplified communication construction process you’ve ever experienced.

Jarrett McIntosh

Jarrett McIntosh- Construction Operations

Jarrett has spent his entire life in the building world. With over 600 units completed, he will make your home dreams come true.

Benjie Shirah

Benjie Shirah- Finance and Accounting

Managing businesses with over 25mm in revenue, Benjie is committed to making sure our team is punctual, accurate in bidding, and giving you the highest value for every dollar spent.