Whole House Projects

Whole House Projects

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This is the one!  This house is home.  It’s in the neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in, with good schools, great neighbors, and close to everything.  But…  how do I put this delicately…?  it’s ugly and outdated.  That 1980’s wallpaper has got to go.  The kitchen appliances have stopped working.  The master suite doesn’t have a closet.  Is it time to consider a whole house renovation?  Let’s get to work to polish that diamond in the rough.

This type of remodel is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a large budget, and possibly nine to twelve months that you will be out of your house.  But it can often be a less expensive alternative than moving to a larger or newer house.

A whole house renovation cannot be successfully completed by inexperienced remodelers. Bayard is especially proficient at these large endeavors and has made raving fans doing them over the years. Our process begins with intense planning, making sure that every detail is explored and designed before demolition starts.  We start at the front door and address every room in the house. It is your house, so tell us what would make it perfect for your lifestyle. Are we adding a wine room?  Did you want a “smart home” that controls your lighting and audio video systems?  Or do we need to add a guest room for your mother-in-law?  Our experienced designers will work with you to update your perfect home.

We also use a project management system that lets you see the specifications, plans, material selections, budget, and schedule online from your mobile device or computer.  This system is maintained in real-time, giving you an updated look at your project whether it is the first day or a week until move-in.

So don’t be scared!  We’ve done this and can guide you through the process. We’d love to have you become one of our newest raving fans!

Whole House Projects

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