Our Services

Our Services

We are an Atlanta-based general contractor. Our favorite projects are residential remodeling projects and custom new home construction in Atlanta’s core neighborhoods. In addition, we renovate boutique, commercial & tenant improvement projects. On all of our projects we focus on building a quality product scaled to suit your needs.



You love your home. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s in a neighborhood you love, with a master suite that’s just right, and a backyard that you and your family love to play in. The only problem? You’re – gasp! – running out of space.



When we undertake a bathroom remodel at Bayard, our main goal is to create a sanctuary that is entirely your own, to soak, relax and unwind. A master suite is the most private room in a home, so our designers keep you in mind every step of the way.



A kitchen remodel is one of the most requested jobs we do at Bayard, and it’s no wonder: the kitchen is so pivotal to life within a home – it’s a meeting ground, a second office, a host to intimate conversation and lifelong memories.


Outdoor Living

There’s no denying that Atlanta residents love a good outdoor living area. From low-key back porches with a fire pit and some chairs to full-fledged kitchens and living spaces, the demand for remodels and additions to outdoor areas are at an all-time high…

Specialty Room

Specialty Room Projects

As a business whose middle name is “custom”, you can bet that we’ve received – and fulfilled – some unique requests and specialty rooms. From specialized art displays to cave-like wine cellars complete with water walls, we will come up with out-of-the-box solutions…

whole house projects

Whole House Projects

This is the one!  This house is home.  It’s in the neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in, with good schools, great neighbors, and close to everything.  But…  how do I put this delicately…?  it’s ugly and outdated.  That 1980’s wallpaper has got to go…

custom new home construction services

Custom New Home Construction

Home is about people, memories, and milestones. It’s where you can be yourself and take refuge from the world. It’s about quality time with those you love. Our job is to build the house that you will call home. One that is both beautiful and functional…

light commercial buildout renovations

Light Commercial Buildouts
and Renovations

Over the years we’ve completed a diverse mix of commercial and tenant improvement projects, helping business owners design and build out restaurants, coffee shops, office spaces, and even a truck stop…

skilled carpentry

Skilled Carpentry

Our team has worked hard to assemble a crew of talented, proficient carpenters who, on occasion, have time to complete smaller, skilled carpentry projects. Whereas we schedule larger projects with a firm timeline, we fit these smaller projects…