5 Spring Time Renovation Ideas

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5 Spring Time Renovation Ideas

Spring has sprung in Georgia! The Pollen Counts are off the charts, and we are buzzing with renovation projects! With the warmer weather and longer days, you may be itching to increase your home’s function and aesthetics! While there are certainly more in-depth projects than the ones listed below that we can help you with, here are 5 EASY Spring Renovation Ideas.

1 | Increase Storage with Built-Ins!

We’ve all got that one room that seems to gather stuff like the garage, mudroom, or even a storage closet! Simply decluttering these areas can make a huge impact on how you feel in your home. Whether you get new built-in shelves, a new Mudroom Bench with coat hangers and storage underneath, or a new customer closet design, your home will be cleaner and more organized, taking your “Spring Cleaning” to a new level.

Another option is to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. The increased space and functionality, along with cleaning up lines, can make for an amazing spring transformation.

2 | Dress up your Deck

We all love spending some good “deck time” in the outdoors while grilling and chilling. But our decks take a beating every year, so why not spruce them up. If you don’t have one, this is a great addition to any house to add space and functionality. Whether it’s new wood, a screened-in porch, an outdoor grilling station or kitchen, or simply a new coat of stain, you’ll love spending time on your upgraded deck!

3 | Resurface your Driveway

Atlanta is one of the nation’s most tree-filled cities. It’s even known as “The City in a Forest,” and for a good reason. The roots that hold up this canopy can wreck your driveway. That, along with torrential downpours, large SUVs, and natural wear and tear, can DESTROY your driveway. Springtime is the perfect time to redo this as concrete or asphalt needs the warmer weather!

4 | Brighten up the Paint!

There’s no easier way to freshen up a single room or the entire house than by painting. Hiring a professional painter to come in, clean up the old paint and apply a new coat will have your house looking like new. Using lighter colors makes spaces feel larger and cleaner! To add another layer of freshness, layer in new and bright colors through accents like pillows or area rugs!

5| Let the Sun in!

This option is a little bit more labor-intensive but can pay stunning dividends. Opening a wall and filling it with windows can add an abundance of natural light, making spaces feel larger and more attractive. Additionally, replacing old winds and doors can increase the amount of light that comes through as natural wear and tear distract from their natural light flow. This will also increase your house’s energy efficiency and boost your curb appeal!

Have any other ideas for spring renovations? Let us know! Please reach out of we can help in any way!

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